Gond Painting !!

Wishing you all a very happy holi !! Its a colorful spring festival celebrated here in India and I wish that it brings lots of happiness and good things in life for all of you!

And on this colorful occasion, I thought I'd share something different and something close to my heart with you all. I have been crafting right from when I was a little kid and I have always loved to explore different forms of art and craft one of which being the traditional folk art of India.

India has a very rich culture when it comes to art and off late I have been hooked to giving all different forms of folk art a try. After I tried my hands at Madhubani last year which is a folk art from the state of Bihar, I am now hooked to another tribal art form called Gond from the states of Central India (Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh)

I love the way these Gond Paintings look. They are simple and yet so detailed. Its all about filling in the everyday life motifs with dots, dashes and lines.

Here is my first attempt at it and I have 3 more lined up to add vibrancy to my living room.

Acrylics on canvas board  14"X18"

And here is the good news - these paintings are now available on "made to order" requests. I would love for you to have your very own Gond Paintings, so if you'd like I will be happy to make them for you. For all queries, details or pricing, please e-mail me at ujjwal.handmadewithlove@gmail.com

Some of the reasons for bringing these beauties home

- great for home decor
- makes for a fabulous house warming gift
- makes for great wedding gift
- you will proud owners of a unique, rare art form
- perfect way to bring a little bit of India to your homes

I hope you like it! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Wow..this is soooo beauuutiifulll..with such intricate design and painting!..

  2. Very pretty...I ma soon going to try my hand at this.very neat work and truly intricate.

  3. Pretty. Love the fresh n vibrant colors too.


  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwww! Super fantastic!!!

  5. Oh wow this is just superb...these painting have such vibrancy and delicacy at the same time...such awesome work!!!i love this!!!

  6. lovely peacocks :) love the colours too :) too good ..

  7. Really beautiful!!


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