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Nirmal Watercolors(similar to Peerless watercolors)- Storage & Coloring + Giveaway!

Hello, Today I have a couple of cards to share that I made for the Card Shower that Jennifer Mcguire is hosting on her blog. I am big fan of Jennifer’s videos and all the fabulous things she makes and shares and I absolutely loved the idea of Share Handmade Kindness Campaign that she hosted last month. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate then but I thought I’d at least make time to send out cards for these kids.The cards are for a couple of kids who are battling cancer and I think it is such a great idea to shower them with cute cards and put a smile on their face. 

I wanted to give a shout out to Tejal for sending me these new watercolours which are similar to the peerless watercolours that have been doing the round in the blog world. These are really inexpensive and easily available in India. Thank you so much Tejal for taking the effort and sending me these.

In the video I talk about these watercolours that come in the form of sheets and have the pigment on top which you can easi…