Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Watercolor Illustrated card!

I am not formally trained at painting in any medium but whenever I get a chance I do like to give it try. I do not normally get a chance to pursue painting admist my busy schedule and a super active toddler but a commissioned work recently was a perfect opportunity to get back at it.

I had super fun making this A4 size card and loved how this turned out. The idea was to portray the life of a friend from a naughty flirt boy who used to roam outside girl's college to a husband to a shopaholic wife :)

I started out by roughly sketching the college and shopping center buildings on a Brustro Watercolor paper.

And then I went at them with good old watercolors :)

The guy at the college checking out the girls :)

The wife at the shopping center waiting for the husband :)

    Have added some bollywood songs as per client's specifications to add some spice to the card. Ohhh and this is a slider card, so the guy on the bike slides towards the wife :)

Since the inside has a story, we decided to keep the front pretty simple. A watercolor washed out background, hand-written sentiment and corner die-cuts. To make it more like a gift than a card, we decided to put it on a frame. I added some glitter foam sheet to enhance the look and the brad enclosures to keep the card closed.

Here's a little video showing the slider action.


I am entering this card for the  Lulupu Challenge #48 - Watercolors!

I hope you like it!


  1. wow, this is awesome Ujjwal, the sketching and coloring and of course the concept !!

  2. Wow Ujjwal, loved this card!! and loved it all the more coz it's completely hand drawn!! amazing!
    Thanks for joining us in the Lulupu Challenge #48. Good Luck!

  3. OMG! Love this brilliantly executed card Ujjwal! Thanks for joining us in the Lulupu Challenge #48. Good Luck!

  4. Good sketch and watercoloring!
    Thanks for joining us in the Lulupu Challenge #48. !
    Dolly - Lulupu DT

  5. what a creative depiction, sure to have brought some smiles

  6. Hello Ujjawal, are you from Agra? Went into Nostalgia on seeing your this card