Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun MDF Hangers from Craftslane!

Wondering what happened to my Craftslane inspiration post?? Ohh well long story!

So I have had this super cute and fun MDF hanger from Craftslane for a while now and I have been meaning to finish it and post it here for the longest time but whenever I get around to finishing it, my daughter grabs it and starts painting it and spoils whatever I had with it in the first place :)

Needless to say, she loves this hanger a little too much :) So since no matter how hard I tried I wasn't really able to do what I had planned with it, courtesy my little one, I thought I will show you how it looks like right about now :)

So the first time I took it out and decided on painting it with bright colors, Aadya decided to do this :)

I left it like this for a while and started thinking of what to do now. To take away the distraction Aadya's painting created, I thought I will give it some texture with tissue papers and mod podge.

And so one day when the little girl was sleeping, I made it look something like this.

I gave one coat of blue acrylic paint and before I could finish the second one, Aadya was up. So you can see a few uneven paint areas in the picture above.

Today, when I took it out again to finish, here's what happened :)

And well...... looks like it is going to get a red coat of paint on it now :)

I am not sure, how and when I will be able to finish working on it but without a doubt it has been the cutest project ever :)

Not only are these hangers fun, I think they will be of great utility in your little one's almirah. And I am pretty sure, kids are gonna love it :)

Here is the link to all the different hangers available at Craftslane. Make your pick, or buy them all!

Have a great weekend my friends!

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