Thursday, January 23, 2014

Explosion Box !

Alright! I have to admit, I love explosion boxes, I love the surprise element they carry and I love the "WOW" factor attached to them.

I had the opportunity to make one for a couple's anniversary sometime back, and I love how it turned did they :)

I love that cake :) Do you?


  1. Wow. Lots of beautiful details. And I love the explosion of colours!

  2. I hereby declare that you are my biggest inspiration for these pretty Explosion Boxes! .. Awesome work Ujjwal .. love each and every detail you have put into it - pockets, pearls, laces, flowers, sentiments :D

  3. You know.. it has been three years since I have been planning to make an explosion box like this one.. but have never got around to make one.. And this beauty just inspired me to shut the laptop and get on to start making one! :D Love the detailing and must say... like every other project of yours.. this one too is so very NEAT and TIDY!