Monday, September 2, 2013

MDF Oval Frame!

I think this has to be my favorite frame shape till date, I love that oval :)
And before we get on to what I did with this frame, I wanted to show you how awesome this Craftslane Oval Frame and the ease of using it.

Here's how it looks from the front

And here's the back

The back comes with easy to move 4 latches that allow you to easily place the picture or your work of art inside. I love things that are easy to use :)

Coming on to what I did with it.

I first painted the frame with aqua green acrylic color and then I did some decoupaging using papers from an old book, Mod Podge and a foam brush. I toned down the yellow-ness of the pages with white acrylic paint.

And then I doodled and doodled, so much fun :)
All the designs have been made directly on the frame with black acrylic paint. Craftslane has a great variety and quality of paint brushes to help you 

And then I hand wrote the quote on watercolor paper and gave the paper a light wash of watercolors.

And as the final step I added some fun with Glitter Mod Podge. I hope you can see the little sprinkle of glitter in the picture above. It really adds to the project.

I made this as a gift for a new mother, love that little apt for the new baby :)

See ya around soon good people!


  1. You always come up with some innovative idea Ujjwal and that too which is not too complicated but still manages to capture our hearts! This is such a brilliant idea and it just goes to show how one can create fabulous projects with simplest of things at hand!!

  2. Very beautiful Ujjwal! Even I too love easy and simple things.. :)

  3. Love this frame , Ujjwal!! very artistic and truly handmade!!

  4. it is so beautiful ujjwal, i love your doodling

  5. This is so beautiful Ujjwal ..I am such a big fan of your doodling and basically all your hand drawn stuff ..You are really so good at it !..I love the way the you have created the bright border !

  6. This is a lovely frame. The doodling is superb!

  7. Love the way u have doodled n the quote is perfect. Wat a handwriting ujjwal.... Love it

  8. You always inspire me and this time is no different.I am inspired to CASe you and buy this MDF frame.Love the way you used different tchniques and your expertise to create this masterpiece.