Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mixed Media MDF Tray!

Hey ya good people! How have you been?
I am all good and really having fun spending time with my 13 month old daughter. She is at this stage when she understands a little of what I am saying and does completely the opposite :D
It's fun watching her grow up and do all the naughty stuff.

But yes, with all the playing that has been happening around my home, I am really struggling to find time to blog about all that I have been creating. Hopefully I will get around to doing that soon. I know I keep saying this but well I have to keep the hopes up for this blog :D

A big thank you to all you people out there who visit and leave such appreciative comments. You guys really motivate me!

Today, I am sharing a fun yet different project, something I haven't done a lot in the past but it has always intrigued me. I tried my hands at a full fledged mixed media project.

Ever since I got this MDF straight tray from Craftslane, I have been in thinking mode of how to alter it. Finally mixed media seemed like the right choice :)

image from Craftslane

And this is what I turned it into *feeling proud* :D

Pretty, eh?

Here are a few close ups of all the pretty details and textures.

I couldn't help myself while clicking pictures, it's just so pretty :)
Alright, here is the last one, I promise :)

So now that the pictures are over, here are the steps that I followed to make it.

1. Paint the MDF Tray from Craftslane with 2 coats of Golden Yellow acrylic paint using the awesome paint brushes from Craftslane. Let the paint dry between coats.

2. Using Mod podge (under and over), I stuck an old printed packaging paper on the tray to give it more character. The fabulous foam brushes from Craftslane make this part real easy. Do not worry about the wrinkles, they actually add some wonderful texture to your project.

3. Go crazy with acrylic paints with your awesome Craftslane paint brushes. I used these three colors - Aqua Green, Scarlet, Portrait Pink. Let the paint dry.

4. While the paint is drying, draw a peacock body free hand on a card stock. Pull out your paper scraps and adhere them randomly to cover the peacock body using Mod Podge. Again, follow the "over & under" rule when using Mod Podge for better results.

5. Once the paint is dry, stick the peacock body to the tray as desired using Mod Podge. Using turquoise acrylic paint,  add color to the body.

6. For feathers, punch out some circles or hand cut them from scrap pieces of paper. I used the EKSuccess 5/8" circle punch and adhere them for feathers using Mod Podge. Paint as your heart desires.

7. Use a charcoal pencil to outline some parts of the image to give it more depth and character.

8. Seal your masterpiece with acrylic sealer.

Here's a peek at some of the supplies I used.

Can I tell you a secret? I don't think I will ever come around to the idea of serving tea or any other thing for that matter in this beautiful piece of art :D

I guess I will use it as a display, a centerpiece on my dining table or nail it down above my crockery unit(when I have one :)). But definitely will not be serving anything on it :)

Entering this for Crafters Corner's Anything Goes Challenge.

Stay blessed!


  1. This is super awesome. Can't take my eyes off of it. Great job

  2. This is your best work so far !
    I love the background, all that Yellow !

  3. This is so striking Ujjwal! Reminds me of tribal Art at Dilli Haat :) BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Great project.So vibrant and pretty.Why don't you get a glass cut to size and use it over the artwork.That way you can use it too.I am a fan of Craftslane products too.:-).Thanks for playing along with us at Crafters corner challenge #11.All the best.

  5. Fab TRAY thanks for sharing with us at Crafters Corner !!
    Hope to see you again in our coming challenges !!

    Riti Poddar (DT)

  6. Wao!..It's a gorgeous project Ujjwal!..I love the rich,vibrant color's and the little bit of the ethnic feel that you always add to your project's...The peacock and the way you have created the background looks so beautiful..And it could be a shame to be used as a tray...This deserves a special place of display :)

    Thank you so much for playing along 'Crafter's Corner' # 11 and Best of Luck!