Saturday, June 15, 2013

Madhubani Ganesha!

I love painting especially Madhubani and sometime feel bad about not taking out time to paint more. Madhubanis are just so colorful and pretty and I did this quick one (Madhubani Ganesha) as an engagement gift for a friend's sister.

It came out real pretty and I promised myself to make them more often :D

Hope you liked it! What are you planning to take time out for from your busy schedule?


  1. This is just amazing. Loved it. A tute on this would be great!

  2. beautiful ujjwal, you are a great artist

  3. This looks absolutely beautiful Ujjwal ..I love all your madhubani painting so much it has such vivid colors and beautiful design really inspire me to learn this art form :)

  4. This is very beautiful! From where have you learnt madhubani?