First In-House workshop in Pune!

I finally planned and conducted the very first "Handmade with Love" workshop here in Pune after being requested for it for quite some time now! And I got to tell you that it was whole lot of fun and I was only left thinking why the hell didn't I do it before :)

I have to say it's a lot of preparation and effort and having a baby to take care of doesn't make it any easy. But I am glad I pulled it off.

The group of ladies who came over were so enthusiastic and eager to learn and ofcourse so much fun to have over.

This 4-hour long workshop, turned into a 5 hour one and we were still struggling to finish everything. I guess we were just so busy having fun that we lost count of time :D

We did create some cool cards :)

And I wasn't the only one having fun and being excited, my husband joined in too :D

Fun, fun and more fun!

Can't wait to do this again :)


  1. It seems you all had so much of to see workshop cards !!


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