How I store my layouts!

This is just a quick post with a quick video answering one of the most frequently asked question - How do  you store your layouts?

P.S. Video isn't the best and has a lot of background noise due to construction going on in the neighborhood. Please bear with me :)

And for those who aren't video fans, here is how I do it.

I use this cloth bound 12X12 D-ring album from American Crafts to store all my layouts. I am using this brown color one to hold my daughter's first year layouts and I have similar ones to hold my marriage, honeymoon and other pictures.

I have found these albums to be a great investment and they also act as a motivator for me to make more layouts :D
There are lots of designs and patterns available in these but I like the plain ones for the endless possibility  of decorating them. How about a little decoupaging with mod podge?

An album comes with 10 page protectors which can easily hold 20 layouts. The best part is that you can purchase the page protectors separately and add around 30-40 more in one album which means around 80-90 layouts in an album which is quite a lot :)

Page protectors come in packs of 10 like this and are top loading i.e. the layouts will go inside from the top. These page protectors also have ample space to accommodate layouts with dimensions.  

It is as simple as that. So for those who are just starting with scrapbooking or are struggling with storing the layouts safely, this post is for them. These albums are real good buys, something you won't regret investing in :)

Have a good Sunday my friends !


  1. Thats nice.. I hold my LOs the same way, except i like to use A4 rather than 12x12.. I find the huge space in 12x12 too challenging! :D maybe someday wen i am really good in scrapbooking i'll move to the bigger size! :)

  2. Thnks for the tutorial .This would really help me out.

  3. I do keep my layouts in the same manner ujjwal. But thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Ujjwal, i'm a new follower of ur blog and a fairly new crafter. I made my first layout some days back andw was wondering how to store it. This post of urs came just in time to help. Thanks so much for this and I just love ur work.


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