Friday, January 18, 2013

What's for lunch today?

I normally use this recipe for brunch (i.e. when I am too late on making breakfast and have no intention of making lunch :)) . This recipe is simple, quite fulfilling and good to taste, so why not :)

Make a spread like consistency with cream, semolina and finely chopped veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, onion, capsicum, green chilly, fresh coriander leaves). Add salt to taste. Spread on a slice of bread (both sides) and cook on a non-stick pan till golden brown and that's it.

Serve with tomato ketchup or dip of your choice!


  1. oooo now that sounds and looks absolutely divine!!! Didn't know you were into cooking too.. coolie
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

  2. I love this recipe.and we have it regularly for our dinners.Love the picture.

  3. aaaw! Sounds delicious and easy! Will certainly try.. Thanks for the recipe :)

  4. Sounds delicious, have to try it out!