Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Album on order!

So here is the album I talked about sometime back here. This was my first baby scrapbook and I did it for a client who provided very specific details and photographs to work with.

Album Cover

                                                                 Page 1

                                                 Page 2 with pocket inserts and birth stats

 Page 3 for family picture with a fun waterfall sequence(My Favorite part of the album :)) to hold photographs

 A pocket insert for special picture with Mum & Dad

  Journaling tags in a pocket

Stitched pocket to hold kid's pictures

Monthly growth captured through pocket inserts

    The months are all pull out tabs to add journaling

And the kid turns ONE :)

Party Pictures

 An envelop to hold notes and letters and other little memorabilia 

And the back cover

This was one hell of a project for me to do in my 8th month of pregnancy but I had so much fun making it and it will always remain one of my favorite albums in years to come.

In case you have any questions or you would like to own/gift a customized album like this, you can mail me at for details.

Hope to see ya soon!


  1. Welcome back !such an adorable album ! I'm suretje client must have been elated !

  2. SUCH A CUTE compilation! The baby's going to grow up to love his baby album!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome,i love the color you used and welcome back:))

  4. Oh this baby album is just amazing Ujjwal...i keep looking at all the have have so many details to it and each one is just beautiful...from all the tags inserts to your lovely handwriting and the bright fun papers from echo park...I am sure this is a work that one would always cherish!!

  5. very nice baby book lovely colours,i too made few days before.handed over to little princess and forgot .will soon make post on mine too.thanks ,by seeing yours ,i got remembered mine.posting on FB.

  6. Welcome back.Such a cute album and its amazing how we think alike .I have an order for scrapbook album and the cover page looks similar to yours.I will share it the moment it is complete.loved the details on each page and esp the waterfall sequence

  7. Wow what an album its every detail.the cover is just amazing..u have even used it..great job !!

  8. wow....what a fabulous Album !
    I have also made an album for Twins a few days back..have uploaded the cover pic on my blog..will soon be uploading the inner page pics !!


  9. Wao.. Loving all the details.. So much of hardwork... Fab job...!

  10. Amazing comeback post Ujjwal! I love your style of making scrap books. The waterfall photos part is my fav. The colors, the words, tags, inserts, simple mind boggling!! Wish I could see it in person :)

  11. Wow Ujjawal! This is just wonderful! Each and every page has so much details. How can you think of it? and more then that make it real is a great job!

  12. WOW, this turned out just ab fab. Loved all the details that you have put into the album. I am sure the parents who ordered it are over the moon. LOVELY.

  13. This is just so superb!! Loved it.

  14. Superb work, superb talent. Gorgeous piece of album.

  15. Fab stuff mommy.. Some lucky recipient! :D