Thursday, May 31, 2012

Customer Appreciation + RAKs!

** I was featured on Divya's blog Jewel of Sayuri yesterday. I would love for you to check it out and leave your feedback.

So as you know, I have taken up and completed a lot of orders in the past 6 months and I wanted to share a little feedback I got from my clients. I was so overwhelmed and happy with all the appreciation that came my way that I wanted to share it with my virtual family that is all you guys :)

Here are just a few that I collected from the recent emails :)


Isn't it awesome when people appreciate you for something you do and are passionate about. This is one of the most important reasons that I love this hobby :)

And if this wasn't all, a few of my lovely customers sent me these pretties 

Khushboo sent me this lovely card for my birthday :)

 One of my customers sent me this beautiful handmade origami box that contained those cute earrings

And this cute little necklace from another lovely client :)

Well there it is! Thank you so much for all the love, support and appreciation. I feel truly blessed!

Will see you around soon!


  1. Can I just add to that list of appreciation? In terms of supplies - my go to person is you girl :) Will miss you when you are on Mat leave.. not just of supplies but also for all the awesome inspiration :)
    Take care

  2. Hey,

    I believe you deserve all the praise...

    you are an inspiration for new crafters like myself....

  3. Woho! Congrats on all the praises you got.. It's a sign that people are now appreciating paper crafts... I think with all our little contributions we can bring back those days when sending greeting cards and gifts was on the top of the do to list on any good occasion ..
    Sorry! I didn't know your b'day passed by.. Belated happy birthday gal.. and take care :)