Around here.....

..its been so quiet on my blog these days and I thought I will give you a little update on whats been happening around here. So lets start with the most important stuff

First, Its my birthday today. So a very Happy Birthday to me :D
No big celebrations as such but I do have dinner plans with DH and sis-in-law. So that should be good!!
 (Hopefully I will have an actual birthday cake in the evening instead of this virtual one :D)

Second, its something that I have been meaning to tell you all for a while now and if you follow me on Facebook you might know already. I am into my 8th month of pregnancy and expecting a baby to fill my arms in June last week. So I am laying low these days, enjoying baby dreams and taking it a little slow :D

Third, I was featured on the Paperie Designs' Studio last Friday and completely forgot to post about it here. I would love for you to stop by there and let me know what you think :)

Fourth, I am working on some real fun custom orders and a few recycled projects that I can't wait to share with you all. Here is a little peak at my craft table :)

        Work in progress Custom Order- Cardboard Mini Albums

Custom Order - Baby Scrapbook

Second Painting in my Gond Painting Series. You can check the first one here.

Work in Progress - Recycling food containers 

Did I, by any chance mention that I am taking it slow? :D

I am hoping to share all the projects real soon so if you find the previews exciting, please keep an eye out on this place :)

Have a great day! See ya soon!


  1. Happy Birthday Ujjwal.. Have a smashing one girlie...!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ujjwal!! And its really commendable that you are managing so many things in your 8th month. Do take good care and enjoy yourself!! Best wishes to you. Hope to see you and the baby on my next visit to Pune.

  3. aww....
    Happy Birthday ..
    Thats a bunch of awesome news'
    Happy Birthday shall touch the stars..I know so :)
    may you have a healthy, chubby and gorgeous baby.. (What can I say ..she/he would be your delayed yet best birthday present)
    Its better you complete your work now won't get a breather post June :D :D
    Happy Birthday once again ..God Bless you ..

  4. wow...Thats suppppppppper great news ! Congratulations...I will come to meet you soon..
    You are going to recieve you best birthday gift ever in some days :)
    Happy Birthday to you dearie :)

  5. Happy Birthday Girl & Congratulations ! on the Awesome News(es)
    way to go !!!!
    Take care & keep rolling !
    Happy Birthday once again.......Have a Fab Day!

  6. Happy Birthday Ujjwal... Congratulations on the gud news.. Take good care of urself.

  7. Happy Birthday Ujjwal. Well!!! Seeing you hopping on n off your blog, I had this idea...Congrats to you n your hubby:)

    All the very best for the baby...
    Really waiting for the whole view of the mini album :D

  9. Many many congratulations andgood wishes Ujjwal!Wish you a great birthday.. all the best and take care!

  10. Hey Happy Birthday again !!!And CONGRATS !!!All the best for the new bundle of joy!!

  11. Happy birthday and what a fun line up of your upcoming projects...can't wait to see them

  12. Ooooh...happy happy birthday to you Ujjwal! And so excited about your little bundle of joy! I did suspect something was up with the sporadic blog ;)

  13. Happy happy birthday gal,have a gr8 year ahead:)
    n thats some awesome new,congrats:)

  14. Hi Ujjwal, happy birthday and congrats for gr8 news :) I loved ur gond painting :) waiting for ur further projects to watch :)

  15. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ujjwal. M sure U gonna get a super big cake from ur loved ones (you might be enjoying one right now). Also a big CONGRATULATIONS for your stepping into motherhood. Keep smiling that suits u perfect. Your projects are an always delight to me n others. Keep posting.

  16. Happy Birthday Ujjwal. And of course, CONGRATULATIONS are in order too. That's some wonderful news that you dropped on us unsuspecting fellas soooooooo casually. You secret! Well..... Here's Wishing you and your family the very best.

  17. Many happy returns of the day..and congratulations too !!

  18. Happy Birthday!.. and Congratulations!..Take care.

  19. happy birthday!!!
    oh congrats on the new little one :)
    rest and enjoy girl :)

  20. Congrats once agn Ujjwal......get plenty of rest in this last month u'll need every bit of energy once the baby arrives.

  21. Wow Ujjwal so many good news to share... First of alll Mamay many happy returns of the day... May all ur dreams come true...and congrats for stepping in to motherhood... and welocme to the mom's world... love
    Deepti Aggarwal

  22. Wow! That is a lot of good news to share Ujjwal!
    Many happy returns of the day! Wishing you a fab year ahead!
    Many many congratulations on your first baby! Must be soooo exciting! :) Here's to many baby smiles and baby burps! :P
    It is better to keep yourself busy than twiddle your thumbs so keep those projects coming! :)
    Have a great year ahead!

  23. Happy Birthday Ujjwal...And congrats for your baby...God bless you...


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