Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Favor Bag Contents - Day#1

Continuing with the birthday favor bag contents, I decided to show off the common goodies in each bag first.

First up are the keyrings that I got made for the kids. The theme of this party was "ball" because the birthday boy loves playing with ball these days :D

Since I had never tried jewellery making before and with the amount of work I had to do for this order, I decided to delegate this task to a very talented Jewellery designer, Divya N. She has a blog called Jewels of Sayuri  where she displays her extra-ordinary art of jewellery designing. I was so glad that she chipped in and helped me out on this one.

To go with the ball theme, we decided on using soccer/foot ball on the key rings and here is what she came up with.

One side has the soccer/foot ball image and the other side has the initial of each kid. Aren't these just lovely?

I hope you like them and do visit Divya's blog Jewels of Sayuri for some great Jewellery inspiration and dont forget to let her know that I sent you :D

I will be back again tomorrow to share the next item that went in the favor bag!

Till then, Happy Crafting!


  1. Hey Ujjwal..thats so sweet of you :)Thanks :)

  2. i love these key rings... i am sure the kids would have enjoyed owning a karring with their intials as well what a fun fab idea!!!
    and Ujjwal i have been meaning to tell you that your post don't show up on the Dashboard anymore...i get you see your new post only when i log in to FB i wonder if your other followers also face the same problem...i just wanted to give you a heads up about this....

    1. Awesome goodies!! Love those bags in the previous post!! Yes, I to do not recieve these notifs on the blogger dashboard but I use google reader which is quite accurate most of the time, say 90%....

  3. Gorgeous the idea of having the other sides of the ball initiallized( i dunno if thats a word...but you get the idea right?)

  4. WOW your customer is one hellava lady--I could never imagine going to all this trouble for a birthday!! Its amazing!!

  5. Beautiful charms, Ujjwal! Wow, the kids are going to LOVE these!

  6. don't know how i missed this keyrings made acc. to theme