Recycled Project Day#3 - A File Folder

Here we are with the third and final project of our 3 days of recycled project series. I feel happy to have turned something of no use to something to cherish forever. I hope you liked this series as much as I did :)

Today, I recycled a cereal box into a pretty file folder - perfect for tucking away all those paper scraps.

So I started with a box like this

I forgot to take the picture of the actual box. I picked this up from net, just to give you an idea.

And turned it into this super pretty file folder :)

A little post it note to label the folder, by color, brand, type or any other category you like.

Here it is without papers, I just covered it in pretty pretty paper and kept the embellishments to the minimum.

And woohoo, filled with all scrap papers :)

And a close up of the beautiful handmade yarn flower :)

Thank you so much for being here for the past three days when I shared my passion of re-cycling and its so awesome to see fellow crafters coming up with their own version using my tutorials. That makes me feel that I am doing something right :)

Entering this for Lynn's recycling challenge at Yvonne's blog and CraftJC Challenge#9 - Recycle (Khushboo, I hope this is the last one :D )

Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting!


  1. wow.... that looks fab... my fav amongst the three and don't you stop now... keep them coming... inspire me to try something new...:-)... love it... thanks for playing along with craftyjc...:-)


  2. I saw this at Martha Stewart and totally loved it, but after seeing yours, I really wanna make one! even though i know i will ruin it in a couple of days. I am very clumsy and untidy.
    your paper choice is fabulous, the stripes makes it look "taller". I love it!

  3. OMG Ujjwal! I have the same cornflakes box, and was thinking of making the same project :) But somehow couldn't get started. I made something else yesterday, will share it soon :)

  4. I,ve got the answer! I needed something like this to hold my papers but didn't know how to begin. Lovely work!

  5. lovely idea...i wanna make one..awesome work..

  6. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have 2 boxes of corn flakes.... but in the kitchen unpacked... will push every1 to finish it off so that I can make this paper holder!!! :P
    Thanks for inspiring!

  7. Such a pretty file folder Ujjwal! Love that you kept it simple with just that awesome crochet bloom!

    Thanks for playing with my guest Lynn's recycling challenge! :)

  8. Ujjwal - you are on the go girl........... so many ideas....... just WOW ..........

  9. this is super idea! and I love the paper n bloom

  10. Ujjwal - nice to note that you have used a knitted rose flower as an embelishment. For me as a knitter - this is very encouraging. Kudos for your recycling efforts.

  11. Love it-- going to be borrowing this idea but dont know if I can make it in time for the challenge-- and hey dont stop the recycled series it is really fun to see your creations- we should ask Jaya to run it for 1 more month!!

  12. Apart from the fact that the recycled projects are oh so yumm.. what i so totally dig is the fact that they are so super-usable.. This is an awesome idea.. just yday i was wondering how to store those papers (since I am not using them anyway! ;) )

    Love it, Ujjwal :)

    Thanks a lot for playing along at CraftyJC Challenge :)

  13. so clever and useful, ujjwal! i'm going to try this--great job! love that flower, too:) thanks for playing along!

  14. such a a kewl project ....locved the choice of papers and the handmade flower are really clever

  15. Oh my gosh!! I'll have to steal some cereal boxes..perfect for my tons of stickers and glitter strips..i love how you think way outside the box and its so fabulous!!

  16. this is excellent! love the neat edges :)

  17. Ujjwal I made a project using your idea today. Have linked to you. I loved it! Thank You so much. DO check out my project inspired by your idea:


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