Monday, September 12, 2011

Recycled Project Day#1 - A box of batteries & charger

Happy Monday people! Hope you all had a great start to this week. I have been in a mood to recycle off late and thought I'd share 3 days of recycled project here on the blog starting from today.

Having a tech-savvy DH means a house full of wires :D - chargers, cables, batteries and what not. And that also means a cribbing cleanliness-freak wife aka me.
Today's project started when my DH decided to test my creative skills and gave me the assignment to make a box that will keep all the re-chargeable batteries and chargers in place and that will also mean a happy wife aka me again :D He had his requirements clear:
  • make it sturdy
  • have separate compartments for different batteries (charged/not charged/re-chargeable) and chargers.
  • make it pretty

And so my search started to find a sturdy box and then I stumbled upon this - a sturdy crockery box !
The front
The Inside

And my search ended. I first worked on making it pretty.
Covered in pretty Studio Calico Papers to match the color of the room :)

Additional piece of cardboard to the bottom for the sturdiness(ignore the mess on my table :))

Felt strips with eyelets for all the four corners, for more sturdiness

labelled the box with alpha stickers from Echo Park to say "Chargers, Battery and stuff"

Inside with an additional compartment and all the stuff that was meant to be :)
And ta-da :D
DH is a still a bit critical but I am happy with some of the wires put away :)

Hope you liked this little project of mine! Thanks for visiting!


  1. this is a fantastic idea!! how on the world you get ideas like this for recycling!! great gng girl!!

  2. Oh how adorable Ujjwal- in my home hubby is well organized and I am the messy one- guess should take tips from you!

  3. This is super cool.. Loved it.. i am sure it would be soo useful at ur home.. :) A fantastic way to ur crafting skills at home. Brilliant! :)

    Thanks for playing along at CraftyJC Challenge

  4. Ujjwal - thanks for the idea . It can be used in the kitchen . It can hold bottle openers, peelers . It can be converted to a masala dhabba. Girl you are thinking tooo much . All the best for the entries

  5. OMG.. Ujjwal... This is like super.. And such a versatile idea.. I could use recycling for so many enw things.. thanks for sharing darling and thank you playing along with craftyJC again.. :-)

  6. how brilliant and so very clever! I'll come again to comment in detail.very sleepy.

  7. Very clever ,adorable and cute.what a perfect way to keep all the stuff organised and in one place

  8. thats cool! Hubby still critical!! He should be thankful for this!!

  9. Looks awesome Ujjwal! He may be critical now but wait till he can't find what he needs, he'll be grateful

    Thanks for playing along with my guest Lynn's recycling challenge! :)

  10. wow, this is awesum... who wud have thot of such a pretty charger box!!!

  11. Super super awesome!! Oh well, DH will come around...this is super cute!!

  12. Fantastic idea and gorgeosu recycling. Loved all the detailing and am sure it wld be one sturdy box! Thanks for playing along the crafty JC challenge :)

  13. I love how you used alphas. Super love the colour choice and papers rock as always. love the felt straps too!

  14. Super duper awesome project!.. Love how you made it pretty!.. Soo well organized! :D