Saturday, August 27, 2011

On your Wedding Day + Q&A(Friday Feature)

This post was supposed to go up yesterday with the Friday Q&A Feature, blame it on the rains and cloudy weather(all cloudy and rainy), I wasn't able to take a good picture of this card that I wanted to share.

Supplies: cardstock: Elle Erre Fabriano!; pattern paper: Echo Park (Victoria Garden); embellishment: Hobby Ideas(Wedding Day Rub-on), Jenni Bowlin(button) 

So, I finally decided to give my stamps some rest. They were over worked and tired..LOL. I pulled out some of my favorite papers from the very beautiful Echo Park Victoria Garden Collection (and had a heart break putting scissors through them :( ). The inspiration for this card comes from the Square Sketch Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I loved the sketch and wanted to play along. Another challenge on my mind was the ICR#9 - celebration + no stamping. I always struggle with these challenges and these days I am all set to conquering my fears :D 

All the leaves are hand cut and hand stitched (it took me eons to complete that stitching :D ).

Hope you like it! 


Q1  How do you get the perfect torn effect on THIS card ?              - Snehal Watwe Welde
A1  I will do a quick photo tutorial to give you a better idea. Its quite simple and you can do it in a matter of minutes :)

Q2 Tutorial on photography ?              - Priya Sivaraj
A2 I am novice at photography, still trying to learn everyday. Infact, apart from the zoom function and clicking the pictures I struggle with my camera everyday and that is also the reason you don't see much of videos from me. But here are the few things that I have learned on the way:

- Click your pictures in natural light(and not sunlight or inside the house). I often take my pictures on the terrace or near the window. This makes sure that the colors on your are projects come out natural.
- For bigger or longer cards, take pictures from a distance. It helps avoid the crooked pictures that we get if we try to take them from less distance. And then you can just crop your image to size.
- For close-ups, don't forget to turn on the MACRO option in your camera. That avoids the blurry pictures (Even after being reminded from my lovely friends again and again, I keep forgetting to do that :D)
- You can also use Photoshop to make your images sharper and crisp.

If any of you knows of any other photography tip, please leave it in comments :)

Q3 When will I use the burlap stamp?             Romina
A3 As an Ippity Chick , I know so many of you purchased the burlap stamp and I haven't seen any of you use it till now. What are you guys waiting for? Pull out the stamp and start creating! Although the size of the stamp is small, I can still see so many possibilities and will try to show you different ways of putting it to use in the coming days. I hope that'll help you get going :)

Q4 Don't know why I am so scared of stamping? My Hero Arts and Fiskars stamp sets are collecting dust..                                          Priya
A4 You have Hero Arts and Fiskars and yet you are scared of stamping? That isn't good. Just pull out your stamps girl! HA and Fiskars are few of the best in the industry. I would love to see what you create :)

Q5 How do you get that look on the circles? Torn and inked edges on THIS card?
A5 I used the same technique on the circles as on THIS card and will do a tutorial for it soon. As for the edges, they are very lightly sponged with Raw Sienna ink. 

Q6 How did you create the background on THIS card?         Karuna, Snehal, Tejal, Mansi,
A6 As Tejal said, I will do a separate post with a tutorial on this technique to give you all a better idea. But believe me its as simple a technique as can be :)

Advice1: Man you need to de-addict from this set!!! I can hear your other stamps crying in their box.  Tejal
A1 I know, all the other stamp sets are jealous and vying for my attention now.They feel ignored and are so hurt with my partial treatment. I had a good hearty talk with my stamps yesterday and assured them it won't happen again. And now we have cut out a deal of using the PTI set once a week :D

How about we fix a day in a week for tutorials since I get so many requests for tutorials these days? If you'd like that let me know in the comments section. Also, on topics would be helpful for you to cover as tutorials.


  1. Once a week for tutorials sounds good..for now I want the woodgrain I see more ideas, will ask you for more..
    And how about a Tuesday Tutorial or Thursday tutorial day sound??

  2. Love the big bold flower,beautiful:)

  3. I love the card....and I am late for the challenge otherwise would have CASed your card.So much hardwork....but all worth it.And regding the Burlap I ahve used it here. a look

  4. Hats off to you for stitching on a card!I hate to bring out the needle and stitch for a card! Maybe as being a surgeon stitching is what we do professionally -- I dont like to do it in my leisure!

  5. This is So Yummy creation! reminded me of a strawberry cake:p

  6. WOW, I LOVE this card! Absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. Super classy Ujwaaaaalllll!! The stitching looks incredibly neat! I love the stitching on he petals, boy that must have been hard! Love the pattern filled flower! Truly gorgeous.

  8. KAMAAL KA CARD HAI!!! Every single element is brilliantly incorporated to give this creation an edge over creativity..... :D

    Ash... :)

  9. Lovely stitching!! did you manage to stitch on the petals without getting the paper bent?..would love to know!

  10. gorgeous card Ujjwal.... love those PPs.... and the pretty button!!!

  11. Beautiful creation with lovely bold touch over it.

  12. Beautiful card!.. LOVE the flower and all the stitching! :D
    The Q&A session is awesome!.. And I would LOVE a tutorial week! :D

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  15. Oh my goodness, all that stitching is gorgeous! I love the colours, Ujjwal.

  16. Hey Ujjwal! Thanks for linking this up to the Square Sketch challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  17. I love this card! So well made :) Hats off to you. Check out my blog sometime...