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Upcycled ribbon holder tutorial

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So I did something different than usual (usual for me is making cards :)). I had been suffering a lot with organizing my craft stuff for a long time because I don't own any fancy work box or cupboards(My place is already stuffed with furniture and no place to keep new furniture + I am really broke buying the craft stuff, no money to buy organizers ). So I decided to do something on my own and I started with organizing ribbons.

   I took that pic on my terrace with those lovely flowers in the back :D

Here is a quick tutorial for all of you.

I really like to hoard packing cartons of all sizes for future use. And when I recently bought some new glasses, they came in these 2 long cartons and I had a light bulb moment *wink*.

Step 1: Find some long cartons around your home (you can also use shoe boxes for this). Mine were open vertically. So I sealed both the ends and made a slit to open it horizontally.

Step 2:  Using Xacto knife, cut out different sizes of circles for different sizes of ribbon (If you are using a shoe box, you can cut circles on all the side)               

The box would look something like this (picture below) after step 1 and step2

Step 3: My box was fragile. To give it more strength and make it robust, I used the following supplies and method
Strong Adhesive (I am using Fevicol MR)
Newspaper scraps (or paper napkins)

Mix equal parts of water and adhesive (You can also use mod podge but my method is cost effective)
Tear news paper in small pieces
Cover the whole box with scraps and glue mixture (Don't worry about the creases, it will add more texture)
Make sure all the edges and corners are nicely covered.

Let it dry completely
Once dry, apply another layer of scraps with the glue

Let this dry completely and you will have a strong box ready to decorate.

Step 4: Color the box using your favorite acrylic paint. Make sure you use as little water as possible (only enough to spread the color). Apply at least two coats of paint.

After first coat of paint

After second coat of paint

Step 5: Decorate as desired and fill it up with ribbon.
I used alpha stickers and border sticker from Echo Park Little Girl collection

Step 6: Punch holes on the side which is open and tie it with ribbon as shown in the picture below.
Here is a different variation (for broad ribbons)

I had so much fun making these and I am amazed at how much ribbon these boxes can store. Now they can sit pretty anywhere and I don't have to hide them anymore :D

Hope you like it!! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. That is so Innovative & good use of scraps..... Cost effective too..... What an idea madamji!


  2. very interesting.. reuse and recycle...totally cool...

  3. So kewl!! i have been struggling with ribbons like forever!! they still lie low on the floor behind some carton :( so shameful. Thank for the inspiration!! this luks gorgeous!

  4. WOW!!it raining tutorialgets a thumbs-up !!s everywhere !!this surely

  5. This is so awesome and so superb!!! love love this idea..I hoard boxes too.. (small coincidence)

    p.s. would love for you to post this tutorial on ICR..will mail you the shortest way possible to do it!

  6. Superb and cool ...will definitely try it ...thanks for the tutorial

  7. Completely GENIUS!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!! This is amazing!

  8. very interesting.. surely gonna try this

  9. I agree, who wants to spend money on organizing when you can buy actual supplies?! ;D This is really fabulous, Ujjwal! You're a genius to come up with these ideas AND I can't believe you cut out those perfect circles with an X-acto knife. :O Thanks for showing us how to recycle and upcycle!

  10. Wow creative project. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Whoa! You know how I love people who upcycle right? ;) This is amazing gal!!!! :)

  12. wow!.. super cool tutorial!.. thanks so much! :D..
    love it!

  13. WOW!!Lovely Tutorial.Thanx for sharing Gal!!


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