Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Milestone!!

As I start writing my 100th post today, I really feel like I have achieved a milestone because when I started blogging I never thought I will come this far so soon. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported me  throughout this journey. I hope I will continue contributing and sharing for a long time to come, making wonderful friends along the way.

Since its my 100th post, instead of sharing a card I am sharing a home decor project I have been working on for the past 2 days.

This is an acrylic painting done on a 35cm X 45cm canvas board. This is yet to be framed. I am thinking of a broad black frame for this. What do you think?

The photograph isn't too great because the weather in Pune is all cloudy and rainy but I still hope you will like it because I do :).

And last but not the least, thanks to Tejal, Spardha and Lucy for their beautiful cards that arrived in my happy mail.

Hope you like it!! Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. This is gorgeous work of art :). So rich in colours.
    I thought maybe a rich dark brown frame will look good too because of the olive green base :)

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your 100th post! Personally I wouldn't even add a frame to this. I love it the way it is. Although, if you could find an ornate frame that is dark brown with some gold antiquey looking paint it would look rich!

  3. WOW!.. a very big congratulations for your 100th post!.. thanks soo much for inspiring me! :)

  4. This is beautiful. I love the colors you chose.. You did a super job..

  5. wow!! So you are a painter too!! :) Loved the painting.. & i think an ornate Copper frame might look better than broad black one..