Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Apologies and the candy winner :)

A big hello to all you beautiful people out there !!
 I am back and needless to say life is beautiful :D
A big thanks to all of you for the wishes. And I sincerely and truly apologize for being lazy in declaring the candy winner. Since I am already late by 2 days, I would like to take up a few more moments to share a few pics of my wedding day :) .

Hope you liked the pics!! Just wanted to share a bit my happiness with you :D

And now, candy winner................drum rolls please.........the candy winner is Tejal as picked up by the Random number generator. Congratulations Tejal !! Please E-mail me your postal address so that I can send your goodies right away without any further delay. Hope you will have fun with what you won :D 

Hope to see you all soon and get back to my crafting self !!


  1. Hi...ur looking absolutely gorgeous in the pics :)

    May u have a happy married life ahead :)

  2. Ujjwal, u luk absolutely stunningly gorgeous... Congrats girl!!!

  3. Hey Ujjwal!!! Wow u look gorgeous :) May God bless u both and shower his blessings for life long :)

    Congrats to Tejal too.... Please share the pic of the candy u receive n make us more jealous.... ha ha

  4. Congratulations!!.. you are looking sooo beautiful!.. love all the pics.. :)
    .. and congrats Tejal! :)

  5. Oh my God! those are some fabulous pics...you make a beautiful bride...kala tika laga lena!
    yay! I'm off to email you my address!
    And don't worry about delaying it, I would perfectly understand if you are busy (wink, wink) hehe!

  6. You are looking gorgeous in all pics, Ujjwal.

    Congratulations to both of you and wish you a lifetime of happiness!

    Congrats also to Tejal :-)


  7. congrats! you look ravishing! realyyy beautiful. wish u a very happy married life!

  8. You both look gorgeous Ujjwal. Many congratulations and blessings to you both love and hugs Cynthia. May you both be as happy as my husband Geoff and muself are still after 23 years,xx

  9. My dear.. You look GORGEOUS!! what a handsome couple :D. My very best wishes for you lifelong journey. God bless you and your hubby with many blessings of love, joy, babies, and many wonderful adventures to come :D

    I am sorry I didnt write earlier, was so down with flu and cough, totally immobilise me from a week of creativity and blogging. :)

  10. Hey congratulations Ujjwal!! You look absolutely gorgeous....God bless you n ur hubby, both of you look so good together......wishing u a lifetime of love n happiness!

  11. beautiful pics,all the best:)))

  12. hi Ujwal!!! congrats !!!!
    may u have a happy married life ahead.....
    & u 2 look gr8 together

  13. congrats Ujjwal!! You look absolutely gorgeous in these pics!! all the best for you married life ahead!