Three Flowers (Item Id#1121)

Oops I forgot about this card completely. This is for the Sweet Sunday Sketch challenge 58 and the sketch is very cute. I had to make one for this. This is just a quick post because the submissions close in an hour. Got to hurry :)

The picture isn't really great. Hope you can bear with it :)
I will get to the details later.

Hope you like it!!Thanks for visiting!!  


  1. amazing card!.. close call!.. lolz! luv the flowers! :D

  2. lovely card, The flowers are adorable, did you make them yourself??

  3. Wow...!!! I think you have created the whole flower pattern with wool.Great work lady! Am loving the sewing pattern done with ribbon.Seriously,I want you to win some contest after putting so much hard work. All the best :)

  4. Very cute card... loved the flowers and the frogs on the previous one!

  5. hi first time here,your creations are amazing
    keep going n happy blogging:)

  6. love the flowers ujjwal... did u hand stitch them??? looks perfect!!!



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