Simple Wishes (Item Id# 1106)

Hope past three days were good for you!!
Well I am really struggling with my workload at office and since it doesnt include crafting, it becomes even more difficult :)
Yesterday I was in a big need for change and what better way to rewind than making a card.
So I cooked this one up last night. It is fairly simply and I liked it keeping sober.

The stitching of two papers is a bit tricky but I liked it so much that I decided to show it off and used the least of embellishments. The cute flowers are ofcourse from Joanne's tutorials on flowers. I am such a huge fan of her paper flowers.
I didn't really make this one keeping any challenges in mind. So lets see if I can fit it into few.

Hope you liked it!! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. omg!.. this one is rly pretty! :D.. luv the stitching and the flowers!

  2. Indeed a fabulous card...Keep up the good work lady !!!

  3. love the stitching ujjwal... and i agree its a bit tricky to get both the pieces aligned together at the right place...

    sometime back i tried shoe lace ribboning in a similar fashion on one of my cards, though it came out pretty nice but it ws one helluva task:)


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