Friday, February 12, 2010

Money Matters (Item Id# 2000)

Yes, money matters and so does the package !!

These are envelopes ideal for giving monetary gifts to your loved ones. I made them keeping in mind Indian marriages as we here have the tradition of giving monetary gifts to our loved ones on such occassions.
These envelopes are inspired from Nicole Heady tutorial on Bank Book .

Here is a sneak - peak into how to use them:

Thats how the envelop looks at the front. This is one of my personal favorites !!

This is how it looks from inside. Slide your cash notes in the golden string.
And here you are !!
Your gift is ready to be presented in a graceful way.
I created around 40 of these envelops and here are some of my favourites

This has the Indian wedding procession on the cover. And I just love the combination of red and orange !!

This one in olive green is another favourite. I love the design pattern on this one.

Oops !! somehow this pic got rotated..but I hope it is clear enough to make out the gold Ganesha on the cover.

Another one with rotation problem. I love the circular border on this one and the tiny "Om" in the center !!
Hope you liked it !! Thanks for visiting !!

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